Snoring during the San Francisco chamber music concert, not my fault.

If they wanted me to stay awake they should have kept the lights on. Well. Maybe not. I was asleep before the lights went off but that’s neither here nor there.

So the mom decided it would be good to take the girl and the girl’s cousin to SFO for some chamber music.  That’s all good and well, but it’s not really my thing.  Actually, I get taken to a lot of things that aren’t really my thing.  Sigh…..all in a days work I suppose.


So the girl was excited to hear the music.  I was ready for a nap.  The girl’s blood glucose was in good range so I figured it was a good time to take that nap I so needed.  (after all the hard work from earlier in the day)  I was asleep even before the program started.



So I slept.  The mom was ok with it at first, but then apparently I fell into a deep sleep.  And I started to snore.  And I am a dog who can snore!2015/01/img_3063.jpg


During the program I had fallen asleep on the mom’s foot.  (She has big feet, they make nice pillows)  Well, apparently the snoring got louder, and the mom kept trying to wake me up by wiggling her feet.  I didn’t wake up…why should I?  The girl’s BG was fine.  Well, the mom didn’t want me to disturb other patrons so she and I exited before the last piece of music.  She and I had some quality time in the lobby while we waited for the rest of the family.

The way I see it, it’s not my fault.  If the girl had been high or low I would have been awake.   But no, her BG was fine, thanks to my alerting earlier.  Wait, so it is my fault?  Never mind.  Not my fault.  But next time I hope they leave me home….or take me to something a little livelier.  I hear the girl singing Taylor Swift songs all the time….my snoring would just blend into that music……..

2 thoughts on “Snoring during the San Francisco chamber music concert, not my fault.

  1. Darwin, the Mom had to take you out for another reason, too. Her Mom, the Grandma, was sitting in front of the Mom, and once the Grandma heard the snoring, the Mom knew that the Grandma would get amused and start laughing. With love from your step sister dog, Abby.

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