Who Wants a Free Darwin the DAD Evolution T-shirt!?!?!?!

Well, not really free.  But free if you make a donation* to the Early Alert Canines Walk!   Or better yet even, JOIN US at the walk May 16th!!!

I’ve created these awesome T-shirts, with moi on them.   I even have women’s and kid’s sizes.  And many cool colors.  To match my coolness.  And yours too!


And the only place you can get them is from the mom.  Who will send you one if you make a donation* to the upcoming fundraising walk we’re doing for Early Alert Canines.

You all know that EAC rocks…..and that they do the amazing, and difficult job, of training dogs like me to alert on blood sugars of T1D’s like the girl.  So help me, help EAC to get more dogs trained and paired with T1Ds!  Diabetic Alert Dogs really do make a huge difference in the lives of the T1Ds and their families.  

So if you want to walk with us, make sure you register with the team: Darwin’s Dynamic Diabetics (and the people who love them).  After you register please send me a note through this website with your size, color preference and address.  Contact ME!

If you can’t join us on the walk, but want to make a donation to my team,  please do so through the EAC website.  Make sure to tell them it’s for Darwin’s team, and please include your size, color and address so the mom can get you the right shirt.   I’ll make sure she does.

I know a T-shirt is a small token of appreciation for a donation, but you’ll be the coolest person on the block while wearing this!  And you can help spread the word about the work I do….and that Early Alert Canines does.  I bet you can even make people cry with stories of how I’ve saved the girl’s life…..the mom does that all the time just by telling people how awesome I am!

So THANK YOU, from the bottom of my doggie heart.  And from the girl’s heart too.


*donation of $20 or more

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