I attended my first wedding and I got to kiss the bride!  

  It was a good day. Well. It was busy too because the girl was running too high so I had to alert a lot. But other than that, I think I like weddings! 

There are lots of fancy people. New smells. And pretty lights. Plus I got to see the mom cry again during the ceremony for some reason. Something about love….blah blah blah.  Whatever. Where’s the food? 

Anyways, on to the best part. I kissed the bride. Usually when I’m in vest and working I don’t interact with anyone except the mom the dad and the girl. Well. And anyone else I have to alert about a blood glucose issue. But today was a special day for a special person and she wanted a kiss so the mom let me kiss her. And I liked it. She’s awesome. And she loves me. Why wouldn’t she, right?  I’m awesome.  


So congrats to David on marrying such an awesome person like Sunny. You better treat her right, or I might have to call on some of my less educated dog brothers to remedy the situation.  Just saying. 

Here’s to many years together….and many kisses. Teehee…..

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