We just finished the Early Alert Canines walk!!!!!!

It was a really good walk!  

Lots of people showed up to support EAC and all they do for dogs like me and diabetics like the girl. 

I had my own team, Darwin’s Dynamic Diabetics (and the people who love them) and I think we pretty much kicked butt on the fundraising!  But just in case…..you can still donate and cinch our win!!!  EAC donation page.  I’ll still send anyone who donates one of my cool shirts!  Coolest T-shirt Ever!

I got to see a lot of my foster families and my trainers which was fun. And I was only a little naughty….but they needed kisses. I promise.  Whatever. 

But let me show you something not fair.  


The girl was carried part of the way!   I want to be carried. That would be pretty sweet.  But did the dad pick me up? No. The girl and the daughter of one of my favorite fosters are like besties and they thought it would be funny to do this. Good way to make your dog jealous. 

Anyways, the girl really only got carried a few feet. So I guess it’s not that bad.  But we are still worn out. It was a busy fun morning. Now we have a long ride home. All is well with the world. Blood glucoses are in range. We can both chill.  


We are both good at chilling. 

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