Happy Thanksgiving from the Grand Canyon. Brr with a side of high and low blood glucose. 

First of all. I am thankful for my family and the girl. But man this day has been exhausting. And cold. 


It started out ok. But then we had a low. Then we had a high. And then there were the crowds. Oh the crowds. 

But the place is beautiful. This was at Hermit’s point. Except there were no hermits. Just lots of people. And me.     
I spent a lot of time smelling the girl. She had crazy blood sugars thanks to altitude, excitement, and cranberry sauce. Boo cranberry sauce.  


In the end I tried my best but couldn’t keep her in range and at the end of day this is the look we got. The stare of bad blood sugar. And I know the mom and the dad try to say there are no bad blood sugars. But there are. Sorry. Not sorry. This was a bad blood glucose. 


So Happy Thanksgiving. Let’s get back to normal life already. I’m done with adventures for a while.  

Got it? 

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