Can we not?  The gingerbread house version. 

It’s Christmas time, and I feel the need to rhyme.  But all I can do is sigh, because I know the girl’s BG will go high! 
Gingerbread houses are evil,

I wish the kit had been eaten by a weevil! 

Just look at all that sugar there,

Now look into my eyes as they stare! 


I’m trying to prevent a problem here,

But you’re not paying attention I fear. 

Make the girl stop, please. 

I know if you tell her she will freeze! 


Ack! She’s eyeing more sweet stuff,

Please oh please tell her that’s enough! 

I think the sugar goes in through osmosis,

Which you know can cause ketoacidosis! 


Bam!  She’s lost her mind! 

It’s covered in frosting and hard to find!

Just kidding, she’s just being herself,

This family needs no shelf…for this elf. 


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