The girl got an award and all I got was a stressful night of alerting. And a few Cheerios. 

So I’ll preface this story by saying I AM proud of the girl.  The kid is smart. She gets that from me. But anyways. The girl was nominated by her awesome teacher, and received an award from the school district’s board of directors. And from a California state assemblyman! 

Pretty cool. But they gave me nothing. Other than a challenging evening of blood sugar alerting.  Oh, and a few Cheerios. Actually. A lot of Cheerios. It was that bad. 

Thank god for the girl’s teacher. She knows who the real hero is. Me. As part of her presentation of the girl’s award winning attributes, she shared a book she wrote for the girl, about the girl but also about me! It rocks.  

Prince Darwin. Yeah, I think everyone should call me that from now on.  The book is awesome. And the girl is awesome. 

Anyways, back to the issue at hand…

So after the girl got her award, the mom and the dad and the girl and the grandma and the grandpa and the teacher stayed to watch the awards from other schools. And at first, the BG was in range. So you all know what that means for me! Sleep! 

But then things started going downhill. Or should I say uphill. As in an upward trending blood sugar. The dinner carbs hit. And hit her hard. I started the alerting.  Nothing too aggressive to start…

But then the blood glucose crept higher.

I added the stare down. The mom gave me some Cheerios and said she got it. (Which I think she thought she did but the normal insulin dose was no match for cafeteria food and an adrenaline filled evening!)

But still the girl crept higher.

So I had to paw the mom and the girl at the same time. Plus I tried to stare down the dad. Or the grandma.  Or the grandpa. Someone! Please give the girl more insulin!

Seriously. Look at my eyes. Stare into them. Give her more insulin.

By the time the event was over the girl was super high. Think I’m exaggerating?  Yeah. Look at her continuous glucose monitor data. Ack!  At least the mom and the dad started to give extra insulin earlier because I was alerting. 

So anyways. It was a crazy night. A good night to recognize the girl for all her hard work at school. But not our finest moment for blood sugars. 

Now if only I got an award. I get enough REwards, but I want an Award. Seems like rewards would be worth more than a cheerio. Perhaps a steak!  

3 thoughts on “The girl got an award and all I got was a stressful night of alerting. And a few Cheerios. 

  1. Love theses stories! We can’t wait to get out or prince or princess!!! Hope you’re all well and the holidays are good!

  2. Prince Darwin, you CERTAINLY deserve a steak, or at least a few strips. Come on people, this dog knows what he is doing for Pete’s Sake! Darwin… I’ll send you some if they don’t produce. Call me. I’ve got your back, dude!

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