Day with the grandma.

Thank god the grandparents were at the ranch house this past weekend so I wasn’t forced to entertain the girl in a PINK tent.

The mom and the dad seem to work a lot on the weekends ever since the avocados and citrus has been ready. They pack all this fruit from big boxes into small boxes and then put it on pallets. It’s a lot of work it looks like. The mom keeps saying something about needing to make the farm financially successful in the long run by building up the brand. Dude, build the brand by putting my face on an orange. People will buy them all. Whatever. The mom and the dad don’t listen to me. Except for blood sugar alerts. Most of the time.

Anyways, the grandma finally got the girl down for a nap after about eighteen stories. I figured, cool, I can rest for a while. Not so much.

I was relaxing in the living room of the grandmas house when I smelled something was wrong. I walked into the bedroom. The smell was so strong it stopped me in my tracks for a short moment. The girl was low. I went to the grandma and alerted her. The grandma checked the BG and sure enough the girl was 64. With insulin on board post lunch. Yikes.

The grandma knew exactly what to do. She got the girl a juice box. And she got me CHEESE! Apparently she didn’t have any Cheerios so I got a high value reward. SCORE! I’m going to make sure to really be on my game at the grandmas house from now on. Well, I’m always on my game so I guess it doesn’t matter.

Off to my nap again.

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