Busy day at the ranch.

Another weekend, another day hanging out at the ranch. Bleh.

The girl was really exited to ride something called a forklift. I thought it would have something to do with eating…..no. It’s loud and scary and I don’t like it. But the girl LOVES it.

So after the girl and the dad got all the fruit off the truck I could tell the girl was running too high. I alerted the mom. And yeah, I was right.

20140202-150117.jpg Cheerios and insulin for all! Well, just me and the girl.
Who says I’m not a ranch dog?? I just just have a different job than most ranch dogs. A more important one if you ask me. Whatever, I know you won’t.

Speaking of ranch dogs. Abby was quite fun today. I got to play with her and we had fun. I think she’s a little too old for me though. She kept trying to run away. She even sits like a little old lady.


It was a good day. Now where’s my frozen kong? I’m beat.

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