Super Bowl halftime!

Um. I mean whatever.

The girl had one of her friends over. Who happens to be the daughter of one of the moms friends. Well, the moms were talking and the girls were playing quietly until the half time show. Then things got obnoxious.

I can take the football. But that Bruno Mars fellow and those red hot chili peppers….what the heck. Even the mom and the friend were jumping up saying “OMG”. I was “whatever”. As you can see from the video above.

I will say I like the girls friend. She likes to drop food when she eats. I was on it. Beans. Rice. Carne Asada. Score. Plus I alerted that the girl was high after dinner so I got Cheerios too! Oh. And don’t be confused. This is the girls friend. She and the girl look a lot alike. It’s kinda freaky. I felt like I was seeing double.

It doesn’t matter what is going on. I’m on my game. More than those silly Broncos. I could have scored more than they did….playing by myself. Whatever. I could have.

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