The original mom.

Since you already know the original girl, I guess I should introduce you to the original mom.  She’s pretty awesome too.  Together they were the puppy raising duo who provided me 14 months of love, care….and corrections.


The pictures already show how much I love her. Just look at how relaxed I am with her.  This is how she would have me chill every week for my mani-pedi.  Whatever, boys get those too.  Don’t judge.  Also, pardon the indecent exposure.  IMG-20111203-00598

Anyways, the original mom was (and still is) awesome.  Even if she was really strict.  She just wanted me to be the best I could be.   Even when she saw me last week she gave me some pretty big corrections.  I deserved them. I was so excited to see everyone I had gotten out of hand.  She got me back in hand.  I liked it.  Just don’t tell the new mom.  However I have a hypothesis that the two moms already talked…because the new mom has been pretty darn strict lately…I think the original mom told her it was OK….which I disagree with!  Whatever, I guess it will just make me that much of a better dog. IMG-20111204-00621

Anyways, even with all the corrections, she still gave me lots of snuggles.  IMG-20111204-00631….and lots of hugs.  And I love her for those, and all the corrections.

When I think about it, the original mom did a great job raising the original girl.  It’s only natural that the two of them together would have done such a great job raising me.  I rock, because they were so good to me when I was young.

Also, I’m so happy they are back in my life.  Even if it’s just on social media and Skype for the time being.  I’ll continue to try to make the original mom proud by keeping the girl safe and the mom and the dad a bit more relaxed.  AND I’ll be ready for some hugs and love, and a correction or two when I see them again. Don’t judge me that I say I will be ready for a correction or two. I’m just very self aware.

Plus I have to still meet the original dad.  He’s one lucky guy to have the original mom and original girl in his life.  We all are.

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