Destiny and a sombrero.

I should have known on the day these photos were taken…..that I would end up living in a home where they thought this was cool and I would fit in. I mean, seriously.  This is not cool, it’s just wrong.  IMG_0609

As you can tell, I was not impressed.  And I’m still not impressed.  But for some reason the dad thinks it’s great.  He’s from some country in Central America, and when he saw these photos he said something about “I knew we were compadres” whatever the heck that means.    IMG_0585

Look at me.  I am regal .  I do not need a sombrero.  Ever.  I hate to use the words of Taylor Swift here, but seriously, I’m never EVER going to wear one again.  Ever.  Whatever, I’m sure I’ll have to wear worse.  I saw a Piñata come in the house the other day and the girl is already saying I can have one of the sparkly cones to wear.  GOD help me.  IMG_0608

Can you tell I’m not enjoying myself?  IMG_0592I hate to be snarky.  Um, never mind.  You know I love being snarky.  But seriously look at the picture above.  I look regal even if I am wearing a sombrero.  The original girl’s nephew (the original nephew) is looking at the other dog and thinking “Man he looks goofy.  He should really take that hat off”.    At least I can pull the look off.  I have to.

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