These boots are made for walking….

… long as there is cheese around to make sure I cooperate.

The mom and the dad work with me on something that has to do with  training almost every day.  Today, it was training to make sure I was ready to wear my “boots” when it gets really hot here.  The original girl and original mom really helped the mom out a lot by giving her tricks on how to get me to perform.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  On one paw I feel manipulated.  On the other paw, I feel manipulated but I got cheese.  Whatever, don’t judge. I’ll do just about anything for cheese.

Anyways, so the cheese worked, and off we went.  Just around the neighborhood.  Hence I’m sans vest.  I know, I look different, huh?  But the boots actually look pretty good on me, right?  Or maybe I make the boots look good?  Either way, Ruffwear makes some awesome stuff.


The girl and I are both saying the same thing here with our body language:  “Mom, do we have to take ANOTHER picture?”20140421-200935.jpg

The girl did a good job giving me cheese during the walk to encourage me.  20140421-200948.jpg

Yes, that big of a piece.  Or bigger, please.  20140421-200952.jpg

Nom nom nom nom…..20140421-201001.jpg

GOOD BOY!   Why yes I am!20140421-200957.jpg


So I guess the boots will be a standard accessory this summer.  It’s set to be a hot one.  And I have sensitive paws.  That I need to keep in tip top shape for alerting.

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