New CGM. New competition?

Not even.  At least not yet.

So the mom and the dad and the girl and I went to the girls endocrinologist to get trained on a new continuous glucose monitor made by Dexcom. It’s supposed to be more accurate than the old one.  And last longer. And it has a remote screen so the mom and the dad can check in on the girls BG without having to make her stop and get out her pump. So basically less intrusive to the girl. Cool, right?

Well. What do you think I thought about all this? Yeah. That’s right. Skeptical. And a bit leery.  All at the same time.  I slept through the appointment. Even snoring loudly to show my opinion on the situation. Whatever. I’m being dramatic. Really, anything that can help the mom and the dad manage the girls BG is ok with me.

Anyways. So after the appointment the girl wanted pizza for lunch. And the mom and the dad had to go to costco. So they had pizza. At Costco. Ugh. We all know how this usually ends up. But the mom was interested to see how the new CGM handled it. Me too.

The girl had a great BG pre-pizza. Like 110! Yeah! The sensor was calibrated twice. And then we all went shopping. The mom checked the sensor reading like 20 times while we walked around. It said the girl was still low 100s and staying steady. Ha! I knew better.

When we got in line to pay I pawed the mom. The mom looked at the CGM which said 113 with one arrow up. Then the mom looked at me. With doubt on her face!!! As if! I looked back at her and with my eyes told her she better check! The mom checked. And sure enough the girl was 212!!! Ha! Can anyone say job security???

Anyways. I hope I’m just jumping the gun here and that the thing gets more accurate with time. The trainers did say the first day is the worst. But still.

So even if this new CGM is 80% accurate 80% of the time, I’m still needed. And hey, maybe I can work with the little pink gadget.  We could make a great team.

Darwin the DAD and the Dexcom demystify diabetes as a dynamic duo!  That’s it!

Yeah! Team work. Plus I know I will always give better snuggles. So the girl will always love me more. And that is worth a lot.  So perhaps I’ll have to eat my words from my “Top 10 reasons DADs are better than CGMs”, and have to reword it to “Top 10 ways DAD’s work with Dexcoms.”  Paws crossed!

7 thoughts on “New CGM. New competition?

  1. Fleur has proudly caught lows thirty minutes before my dexcom shows a fast enough drop to alarm!! (I swear she looks too pleased with herself when it happens). I love the dexcom, but nothing is quite as good as a living dog…plus she offers cuddles!

  2. Darwin is right team work is great . My daughter has had the Dexcom CGM for 6 months. The nice thing is she can catch lows before they go below 40 which makes them easier to correct. It also alerts her in advance if she miscalculated carbs so she can correct before she hits an extreme high. We are both able to get a nights sleep. If her glucose drops the alarm wake either of us in advance to take care of the low. She has had times were she felt her glucose was low and checked and corrected. It is a great tool which has helped my daughter. She can get busy and not even notice her glucose diving until she needed my assistance to help her correct it. It is great she has Darwin and the CGM too.
    Brandt Family

  3. Darwin you are safe. A CGM no matter how advanced does not check blood glucose. It checks the glucose of the interstitial fluid, which generally has a lag.

  4. These dogs are AMAZING!!!! They are angels from God sent to protect our own angels!!!! And such great job they do….
    I had the pleasure of meeting Darwin as well as many other DAD’s and they are all such intelligent, beautiful animals that have gained so much of my respect!!!! Darwin was fostered by one of my co-workers and he as well as the others are the best dogs ever!!! It makes you proud and excited to see them move on to what they are trained to do..
    Gotta Love Them!!!!

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