3 Years…..

Today is the girl’s Dia-versary.  AKA, the anniversary of her being diagnosed with Type One Diabetes.   Let’s look at some stats….

3 years with T1D:
20+ visits to the endocrinologist for checkups
36+ trips to the pharmacy to pick up bags of supplies
300+ infusion site and sensor changes
1,500+ times the mom or the dad have gotten up in the middle of the night to check BG
5,500+ boluses of insulin…with shots or the pump
15,000+ BG checks…ouch…that means 15,000 drops of blood extracted from the girl’s fingers….

But it’s not all bad……
0 trips to the hospital!
1 trip to diabetic family camp!  (another coming up soon…..where I won’t be attending…thank god!)
1 awesome diabetic alert dog!  (Moi)
A sub-7 A1C!
Lots of great people the girl and the mom and the dad wouldn’t have known if the girl didn’t have T1D.

So yeah, it’s been a rough 3 years for the girl and the mom and the dad.  But they make the best of it, and are stronger because of it.    Perhaps there will be a cure soon and we can stop counting the bad stats….and just continue the T1D related friendships.    And I’m not going anywhere no matter what.  I would love to not have to alert……

Anyways, Happy Dia-versary to my girl.  I love you.  The mom and the dad love you.  The grandma and grandpa love you.  And a whole lot of other people love you too.  Stay strong, we’re right there with you.  Always.

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