No, I’m not sick…I’m concentrating thank you very much.

So the other day at Target, the mom and the girl were shopping.  As usual, someone approached them asking if they could pet me.  Of course, they courteously stated no, and explained that I was working.  Since I was.  Well, I always am really.    Anyways, the mom and the girl and I kept shopping…and didn’t think anything more of the common question.

Then the same woman approached the mom AGAIN as we tried to check out.  She asked if I was sick.  Sick?  I was like “What the heck?”  The mom was like, “huh?”   But she was nice, and said, no……why do you ask?  Well the woman thought that since I was calm.  And focused.  That I was sick!  I guess I am so “non-dog” like that she assumed I was an ill dog.  No lady, I’m a superstar dog.  Awesome dog.  Amazing dog.  And a calm reserved dog.  Not a sick one.

So yeah….that was interesting.  And by interesting I mean weird.  And by weird I mean funny.  And by funny I mean really freaking odd.  I guess I should expect such things.  We’ll try to educate every last person in this town, county, state, country, world….slowly.



2 thoughts on “No, I’m not sick…I’m concentrating thank you very much.

  1. Darwin, you have to realize your I.Q. is much higher than the average human … not to mention your work ethic and class! Oh, to have a world filled with human Darwins! There would be no wars, selfishness, and greed …just concern and goodness … hum… I just described YOU!

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