Darwin the Dad’s Mission and Vision Statements

I figured after sitting through this meeting with the mom…and all their talk about mission and vision statements, I should write my own.  FYI, mission statements are supposed to be about what one does now….vision statements are supposed to be what one aspires to do.

 Darwin the DAD’s Mission Statement:
To alert on high and low blood glucoses for the girl while providing her comfort and love.

Darwin the DAD’s Vision Statement:
To not be needed for blood glucose alerting by the girl, but to be able to  provide her comfort and love.

Yeah, I said it.  I kinda hope to not be needed for the alerting part of my job.  I hope for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.  And no, I’m not being lazy.  Even with me.  Even with a CGM.  Even with slightly OCD parents.  Type 1 Diabetes is tough to manage.  The girl can handle it.  But I can only imagine how much simpler her life would be without it…..  And while I would miss the cheerios, I would gladly go without to make her life better.

Soooo, since I’m fulfilling my mission, here’s hoping I can achieve my vision.  Hope you’re listening out there people who are working on a cure.  I’m counting on you!

One thought on “Darwin the Dad’s Mission and Vision Statements

  1. If we can put a man on the moon, discover a flu vaccine, and find Osama Bin Laden…. surely a Mensa scientists can cure T1D. Come on big pharma… the adorable girl and all diabetics.. even Darwin need your help. FIND A CURE …PLEEEESE!

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