#givingtuesday  I give my all everyday, can you give a little bit to help out others? 

It’s the holidays. And I thought the saying was “Deck the Halls” not “Deck the Diabetic Alert Dog”. But oh well. It’s all part of my job. And I do love my job.    
So giving Tuesday is all about giving back. To what’s good in the world. And I can’t think of anything better than me, or the 34 others dogs like me who have graduated from Early Alert Canines!  We are saving lives every day and making the lives of our T1Ds better. Seriously. You’ve read my blog. I pretty much rock. 

So can you help give a bit to Early Alert Canines so they can provide more diabetic alert dogs to more T1Ds and their families? This not so humble DAD would appreciate it. A lot. 

Back to work. Even in the middle of hugs and embarrassment I gotta alert. Sure enough, the girl was heading toward a bad low. Low averted!  Cheerios received. And off to a good day. A #givingtuesday. 


3 thoughts on “#givingtuesday  I give my all everyday, can you give a little bit to help out others? 

  1. Darwin, I heard that you were a super star during the entire Thanksgiving holiday, and that included time on crowded shuttle buses and on long drives with the family. Keep up the good work, my buddy.

  2. Hey darwin I am doing my sisth grade exhibition at your girls school. My group was wondering if you would like to be seen at our exhibition showcase??? if you do want to have your girl or your girls mom notify us…
    thank you, Zoey: diabetic awareness sixth grade exhibition

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